Training usually takes anywhere from 3-10 days, depending on student skills.

Students with prior aeronautical knowledge and parachuting experience can learn in a matter of hours. However, just because a student gets into the air quickly does not crown them as a safe pilot. After the eventual first solo there will be many more hours of flying, helping the student achieve safe flying decisions and skills.

Training is typically conducted each afternoon to dark, 7 days/ week

Training course is $800 and includes the PPG Bible and instruction through the PPG2 rating ($150 rebate available upon completion of PPG2).

If you would like to learn more about paragliding, without committing to the sport, consider our introductory course. Get hand’s-on kite training, equipment familiarization, and a tandem instructional flight, for $150. This introductory course expense is subtracted from $800 training fee, if student enrolls in the solo course.

3 steps to the freedom of flight.

Step 1:

River Valley Paragliding

Ground school and wing ground handling practice without the motor.

Step 2:

Tandem instructional flights allow the student to become comfortable with a paraglider before taking their first motor flight.
Most instructors do not offer tandem training. This is a very crucial part of training.

PG Tandem Video

Step 3:

River Valley Paragliding

Consists of motor work and your first solo.
This phase of training continues until the student has several solo flights on their own.

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