Student testimonials

Students love working with Britton


You can not go wrong with Brittian he is super safe, super smart, and a freaking blast to learn and train with!

- Eric R.

I trained with Britton Shaw a year and a half ago. I could not be more happy with my training. I learned PG first and then moved to PPG. His number one priority is your safety. His approach to training is excellent. He moves you along as fast as you are capable of learning but never puts anyone at risk. Not only is he a first rate instructor but an incredible pilot himself. I would highly recommend Britton and River Valley Paragliding to anyone looking to get in the sport. One of the great things about his teaching is "once a student, always a student". Even though I am out flying on my own, he is always available to answer questions and provide feedback. I trust Britton so much that I sent my son there to train!

- Tom H.